COVID 19 Impact on FMCG Business and us.

ONO Brands Ltd is a FMCG distributor that building a new approach to the way it conducts business post Covid-19.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, we kept analyzing the situation in different countries and measuring its impact on the global grocery e-commerce market.

Here is a series of quick out-of-stock and product assortment e-commerce analyses

Spain – out-of-stock analysis – Carrefour

The situation in Spain has been an interesting example. We zoomed in on a chocolate manufacturer at Carrefour and it’s situation in terms of OOS*. As you can see, the out of stock grew significantly in week 12, varying city to city.

*OOS : Out of Stocks

United Kingdom – out-of-stock analysis – Tesco

After understanding the situation in Spain, we investigated the situation in the UK with a specific example from Tesco. On the right side of this slide, you can see the OOS evolution of chocolate and biscuit categories. The out of stock grew in week 12 and continued increasing in week 13. On the left side, an interesting example of a biscuit manufacturer’s OOS per city in week 13.

USA – out-of-stock analysis – Walmart

When the crisis arrived to the US, when decided to choose a specific example of a water manufacturer at Walmart. We noticed a high growth of the out of stocks in week 16 across the whole territory.

Belgium – out-of-stock analysis – Delhaize

Next, we zoomed in on Belgium. Here is an e-commerce analysis on beer category linked with a specific beer manufacturer at Delhaize Belgium. In spite of the fact that the association “Les Brasseurs de France” has revealed they had to throw away 10 million litres of beer due to the confinement effect on FMCG consumption, the out of stocks doubled in week 14 and continued growing until week 16.

UK – out-of-stock & assortment analysis – Tesco

Later on, we returned to the UK to get an update on the situation. This time, we went for an example of a beer category at Tesco. The situation seemed to be stabilizing in week 19, however, its size still remained 7% lower than pre-covid.

France – online assortment analysis – Carrefour

To explore deeper into the subject of the evolution of the range of products available, we analysed Carrefour’s data in France. In the sheet below, we have pointed out that the soft drink category assortment in France has been reduced by 30% at Carrefour’s e-stores due to long out of stocks and some product delistings. The market leaders have been particularly impacted and lost their share of assortment.

USA – assortment analysis – Kroger

In order to get a broader view on the complexity of the product range, we shared an example of the cheese category at Kroger. In the sheet below, you can see the average number of products decreasing until week 19 and then rebounding, however, without reaching its level before the Covid-19 crisis.

As you can see stocks are hard to come by at the moment so we will be doing what we can do get you stocks and build on our reputation of being a trusted source for. FMCG branded goods.

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